Energimizer Environmentally friendly, independent, reliable energy

What are the benefits of Energimizer?

Reduced green house gas emissions

The estimated average CO2 emissions for electricity generated from a mixture of gas, coal, oil and nuclear power stations is around 430g of CO2 per kWh delivered electricity produced at an overall efficiency of around 40% (i.e. 60% is lost during generation or transmission). By the same measure, if gas is used to generate electricity on site at an efficiency of 83% the CO2 emissions will be approximately 207g/kWh (i.e. 430g/kWh times 40% divided by 83%). This equates to a saving of 52%.

Reduced energy costs

Because a proportion of the building’s electricity requirement is generated by mains fed gas, the overall cost of energy used by the building is reduced. The reason for this is that mains fed gas is cheaper than mains fed electricity. Typical prices are 7-12 p per kWh for mains electricity, but only 2-4p per kWh for mains gas.

CHP system integration

CHP units, heat pumps and boilers can be installed together as long as attention is paid to the operating temps of each appliance, the hydraulics and the controls Stage 1heating heat pump, stage 2 heating chp and stage 3 heating boilers

Climate Change Levy exemption

Electricity generated by CHP, and heat generated by heat pumps are exempt from this levy.

Enhanced Capital Allowances

The scheme permits businesses to offset 100% of the capital cost of these technologies against tax in the first year instead of having to spread the tax write-off over say 10 years. This can save around 7-8% of the capital cost over the plant lifetime.

Improved SBEM results and energy ratings

The SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) result achievable by using CHP and heat pumps is significantly better than for any system incorporating oil or gas fired boilers for heating. This means that the building is more likely to achieve a pass against Part L of the Building Regulations, will receive a better energy rating as recorded on the building’s Energy Performance Certificate. »