Energimizer Environmentally friendly, independent, reliable energy

Energimizer Selection Guide

Find our your Annual heat and power requirement

CHP is ideal for buildings requiring heat and power together for more than 4,000 hours a year.

Know your electrical load profile

It's more important to understand the base load profile rather than the mean or peak. This will ensure that the system will run efficiently.

Know your heat demand in kW and degrees C

CHP configures vary widely according to the amount of heat required - and the temperature it is required at. Some engine manufacturers will offer engines with much higher jacket heat recovery temperatures than others.

Know how much you currently pay for heat generation

By knowing your current billing figures, you can produce a precise costs comparison demonstrating the potential savings to be made from each CHP system

If in doubt - go small

A CHP that is too large for the application won’t save, whereas a CHP that is too small will, although slightly less than it otherwise would.

Understand lifecycle cost

The cheapest CHP solution identified during the procurement process will not necessarily be the cheapest to run over a period of time

Track record

There are many existing CHP systems that under perform - so look for a supplier with a good track record.

Purchase an operations and maintenance service contract

Buy an Operation and Maintenance contract at the same time as the installation; this will guarantee the systems performance.

Listen to the supplier

Understand where money needs to be spent - and where to economise - to offer a product, which performs and is cost effective. Beware specifications prepared by anyone who does not own, operate or manage CHP.